Dangling fruits of a crabapple.

Whenever I give a talk and mention the “1st year they sleep. 2nd year they creep. 3rd year they leap” rule, everyone chants along. But when I add that it only takes another 3 years for everything to grow out of control, I can hear an exasperated sigh of recognition. It doesn’t take long for that perfect garden to grow out of control, especially if you try to live a life outside the garden.

If you’ve been living with the guilt of never measuring up to the gardens shown in magazines and online, I heartily recommend Ivette Soler’s (aka The Germinatrix) piece on the Garden Rant, about how her once traffic stopping front garden has turned scary. I totally relate. My front garden often seems to taunt me. It’s so nice to know I’m not alone.

The Garden Rant: Scary House

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